AD IMPRESSION – is any impression of an ad that is served by a DIGITAL MARKETING PLATFORM (don’t mix it up with PAGE VIEWS),
ADVERTISER – a company that spends money on ads, specifically digital ads,
BIG DATA – any digital information that is generated on the web by the users, that specifically can be used in digital marketing efforts,
BLACK BOX – (ang. black box) – is a term used for solutions (usually code/algorithms) that are a part of digital platforms that we do not know anything about (it’s something opposite to so called OPEN-SOURCE solutions). An example can be the algorithm of Google Search Engine,
BROWSER –the software you use right now to surf the web,
COOKIES – usually text files used by your browser to identify your activity on the web,
CREATIVE –the medium that you communicate with your potential customers, whether it’s search ad, social media ad or display ad (banner or video),
DIGITAL CAMPAIGN –any campaign using the digital media to achieve marketing goals,
DIGITAL CAMPAIGN TYPES/TACTICSwe divide two main types/approaches in digital campaigns (in terms of their goal), which are branding/image campaigns and performance/conversion oriented,
DIGITAL MARKETING – any action taken in the web to broaden your company’s market and achieve marketing goals (whether it is branding or of course sales),
DIGITAL MARKETING PLATFORM – this is a general term for any platform used for digital marketing goals, to run digital marketing campaigns. It is usually associated with an adserver (like Google Ad Manager), analytics tools (like Google Analytics) or digital marketing data platform (like a DMP or CDP),
E – COMMERCE – otherwise “ONLINE TRADE” – web activities that aim to trade any kind of goods like products and services. You can include there any online store (like Zalando for example) or so-called ecommerce marketplace platforms (like Amazon, Ebay or AliExpress),
IAB – it’s a short for Internet Advertising Bureau, the organization that standardizes and helps regulate the digital ad market,
INTERACTIVE AGENCY –a company that focuses on digital marketing services,
INTERACTIVE DASHBOARDInteractive dashboards serve as “customized information windows” for company’s performance (any division) and help harness the flood of data the company has to cope with, in the everchanging world,
INVENTORY BUYING MODELS – when you buy online media, you use a special currency for it. Most common are CPM (cost per mille), CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per action),
PAGE VIEWS – is any display of a web site that you make in your browser,
PAY PER CLICK (PPC)/Adwords – this is a way to advertise in search engine for money (you pay for a click). “The results” are immediate but they cost you money,
PORTAL – it’s a rather bigger site with many web pages and comprehensive information on a certain topic (VERTICAL PORTAL) like for example politics, travel, auto or sport or on all of the most viewed and visited topics (HORIZONTAL PORTAL),

Programmatic advertising/automated advertising enables buyers and sellers of the ad inventory to automate the process. So, there is no need to contact the seller (publisher) directly. Theoretically everybody can run the ad, anywhere he wants and anywhere where his audience stays. Programmatic advertising is a natural continuation of former, so called advertising networks. You can watch the evolution of it here. Programmatic is divided into Open Marketplace (OMP, otherwise called Real Time Bidding (RTB)) and Private Marketplace (PMP, otherwise calle Programmatic Direct (PD)).

So, the equation looks like that:

Programmatic Advertising = OMP + PMP,

PUBLISHERa company that sells its ad inventory to run ads,
SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM) – the kind of digital marketing that is being made in search engines (like Google, Bing or possibly DuckDuckGo). This is usually defined as SEO and PPC activities. So, we can say SEM = SEO + PPC,
SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) – any activity that can help you being targeted higher in search results of a search engine for certain keywords. It usually takes longer time and “the results” are basically free of charge (not including the SEO agency fee ?),
PAGE VISIT – it’s a unique PAGE VIEW you make on a certain PORTAL/WEBSITE at one time; one VISIT usually consists of several PAGE VIEWS,
WALLED GARDENS – is a term used for biggest tech companies that tend to monopolize the ad market (it’s usually associated with Google, Facebook and Amazon).


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