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We invite you to participate in training in Internet marketing of our company. The trainings are tailor-made, with an emphasis on the practical application of knowledge.

The main topics covered during the trainings are:

1. Basics of Internet Marketing – this training covers the most important issues introducing you to understanding the world of “digital marketing”. We will answer the question of what digital marketing is (and what not), which means that more and more advertising budgets are allocated to digital media, we will get acquainted with the main concepts and current trends.

2. SEM and SEO training – theoretical introduction to search engine marketing (SEM) and effective positioning (SEO), with examples. And also: what to pay attention to when creating a website so that it positions itself well in the search engine (UX elements, Google My Business configuration), the process of technical integration with analytical tools (Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console). There are also training courses available on individual platforms (see point 8).

3. Online Campaign Basics – We focus on all the elements that lead to a successful digital media ad campaign. From media planning, through execution and optimization, ending with a post-buy report.

4. Online campaigns for advanced users – in this training we focus on campaign analytics, from the point of view of various media reports, understanding individual metrics, benchmarks and KPIs, as well as how to conduct optimization activities in order to achieve the intended goals of the campaign.

5. Interactive dashboards – training in the so-called dynamic data visualization with practical training in Google Data Studio, on which we will create our first dashboard.

6. The basics of programmatic advertising – theoretical introduction, with an emphasis on the possibilities offered by programmatic advertising, both on the part of the advertiser and the publisher.

7. Programmatic advertising for advanced users – here we focus on various models of media buying through programming platforms (indirect (OMP) and direct (PMP)) and how to run a programmatic campaign to make the purchase as effective as possible.

8. Training on individual marketing platforms:

a. Analytics – Google Analitycs 4Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console oraz Google Data Studio,

b. Media – Google AdsFacebook Business Manager and LinkedIn Ads,

c. E – commerce – how to sell effectively on Amazon and in Google?

The lecturer has many years of experience in the digital media industry, confirmed by the DIMAQ Professional certificate and certificates of competence for individual platforms. Call us +48 720 951 451. We invite you !!!

PS: As part of the training, we provide training materials and the possibility of individual consultations in case of problems / questions.

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