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Let us present this topic in the form of Q&A:

What are interactive business dashboards?

Interactive dashboards serve as “personalised information windows” giving quick insight into key performance indicators (KPIs) of any department and help to process and present the huge amount of data that the company must deal with in an ever-changing world.

Why interactive panels?

Because they help you make decisions faster (real-time data), they are easy to personalise and … you can save on them (if properly implemented).

What is the purpose of creating an interactive business cockpit?

To have basic information about your company’s performance, whenever and wherever you need it, always up to date. All this to speed up the decision-making process.

What data can we present in an interactive dashboard?

Any quantitative data, from any digital data source owned by the company, such as CRM, a data warehouse, or a digital marketing platform, for example.

What are the main types of interactive dashboards?

Two main types: managerial and operational. The first is more general (usually showing the main KPIs – for managers). The second is more specific for “operational” purposes.

What are the main tools for creating an interactive dashboard?

The main tools are Google Data Studio, Microsoft’s Power BI and an “independent” provider – Tableau.

What’s the difference between an interactive and static business cockpit?

You don’t have to manually combine data from different sources every day (which is an analyst’s nightmare). The tools (mentioned above) make this possible quite easily. When the dashboard is ready, everything is done automatically and dynamically updated in “real time”.

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