bronze – internet analytics – “how to improve your digital marketing efforts”

If you conduct activities on the Internet and they do not bring the expected results, write to us and we will analyze your situation and recommend changes.

The analysis covers such areas as:

1) Website – both in terms of the so-called usability (UX), correct technical integration with analytical tools or advertising platforms (such as Google Ads or Facebook Business Manager), and positioning in the search engine (SEO).

2) Online campaigns – analysis of the activities carried out by your company to date, checking the correctness of technical integration, i.e. correct measurement of your online activities, as well as recommendations for further steps, tailored to your needs and capabilities.

3) R&D – all kinds of analyzes aimed at diagnosing the perception of your product / service / brand. Our company, in particular, specializes in social media listening. We prepare a special report on the basis of which you will be able to find out how your product, service or brand is perceived by Internet users, also against the background of the competition.

4) Strategic audit – is dedicated to slightly larger entities, aimed at general diagnosis of the company’s marketing situation (strategic analysis), possible development directions, as well as digital marketing tools that can be implemented. The analysis ends with an extensive presentation outlining the main conclusions flowing from it.

Our analyzes are confirmed by many years of experience in the media industry and a good price-quality ratio. Call us +48 720 951 451. We invite you !!!

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