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If you are here, you are probably familiar with the subject of programmatic advertising as such. Tom Mate helps in the implementation of automated advertising solutions for companies (programmatic in-house).

Why is it worth it?

The development of programmatic advertising is a natural continuation of the development of the old, the so-called advertising networks. You can watch a simplified process of this process here. It took several long years to absorb it throughout the market, but to the point.

Automated / programmatic advertising enables buyers and sellers of advertising space (ad inventory) (as the name suggests) to automate this process. So, there is no need to contact the seller (publisher) directly. Theoretically, anyone can display an ad wherever they want, wherever their target group is.

There are several revolutionary changes that the programmatic advertising phenomenon has brought to the internet advertising market:

1. The purchase of space is carried out in accordance with the auction logic – that is, the one who will display his ad, who will offer the best price for it (it contributes to the effectiveness of the purchase), which should also protect the interests of publishers who offer to sell their advertising space,

2. Recipients, not pageviews – which means that the buyer does not buy strictly advertising space (portal or website), but users (his target group), regardless of the places they visit on the web,

3. Powerful platforms – there are special, powerful internet marketing platforms that allow a single buyer to promote their products or services in a fairly easy way, anywhere, at any time and without having to maintain a direct relationship with publishers,

4. Necessary data – to reach recipients, you can use many sources of useful data, regardless of whether they are yours (own data, 1st party), data related to your industry / agency that serves you (agency / originating data). from your industry, 2nd party) or some other external data provider (3rd party)

5. Less bureaucracy – you don’t need to have direct relationships with different publishers (with different technical specifications), create multiple, different advertising orders, send creatives and control multiple publishers, or settle multiple invoices manually. Everything can be done on your side. Thanks to this, you have more control over the process, saving time and money.

6. No regional boundaries – this means that you can target your ads to audiences around the world if needed – large software platforms make this possible.

All this makes programmatic advertising flourish, favoring the increase in the effectiveness of purchasing advertising space.

The programmatic in-house service is designed for larger companies as an extensive project aimed at guiding you through the entire implementation process of this innovative solution, from A to Z:

1. Strategic audit – where we focus on strategic analysis from the point of the implementation potential of PROGRAMMATIC IN-HOUSE in your company, ending with an extensive presentation with possible solutions and an action plan.

2. Negotiations with ad technology vendors – as experienced experts in the field of programmatic advertising, we will help you choose the appropriate programmatic advertising platforms, and we will guide you through negotiations with their suppliers.

3. Platform implementation – together with suppliers, we will guide you through the process of implementing individual solutions so that it goes smoothly, with an emphasis on the independence of your company.

4. Comprehensive training – at the same time, we conduct dedicated training for managerial staff, as well as people from operational departments, who will later be responsible for running and executing the campaign in the programming model.

Our company focuses on 360-degree service and adapting to the expectations and needs of its customers. Each programmatic in-house project is “tailor-made” so that your business benefits the most. Call us +48 720 951 451. We invite you !!!

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